Marjory McGinn is a Scottish-born journalist who has worked on newspapers in the UK, and Australia where she was brought up. On her return to Scotland in 2000, she worked as a freelance feature writer for various publications, including The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Mail, The Times. 

In 2010, she set off for an adventure in the rural Mani, Greece, with her partner and their famously mad Jack Russell dog, Wallace. The adventures are charted in her non-fiction books Things Can Only Get Feta and the sequel Homer's Where the Heart Is. Her third travel memoir in the series, A Scorpion In The Lemon Tree has just been published.

Marjory writes a blog with a Greek theme on her She likes swimming in the sea, learning Greek, Feta cheese, and teaching Wallace how to be almost normal.

Marjory's first acclaimed travel memoir, Things Can Only Get Feta, tells the story from the beginning, in 2010.
After an Arctic winter and a British recession, two journalists embark on an adventure (with their lovable but crazy dog) in the wild, beautiful Mani region of the Peloponnese. It's a perfect plan, except for one thing - Greece is deep in economic crisis. This is a humorous and insightful journey through one of the last unspoilt regions of Greece. It is full of encounters with warm-hearted, often eccentric, Greeks, including the inimitable and popular goat farmer Foteini, who prove time and time again that this troubled country still has heroes, if not euros.

Homer’s Where the Heart Is, the second book, continues the tale as the couple move to a nearby location, sharing an olive grove with their Greek landlords, with more funny and nervy challenges. The couple find time to explore more of the region: the charming island of Kythera and a visit to the house of the late Patrick Leigh Fermor, the great British travel writer.

With Greece edging closer to bankruptcy, the couple are engulfed in the chaos, along with everyone else, including some of the original village characters from Feta. This is a memoir written with humour and honesty, but it also the story of the author’s passion for this country. Woven into the narrative is Marjory’s back story from another troubling time, during the military dictatorship in 1970s Athens. It will reveal as much about Greece as it does about her own journey.

A Scorpion In The Lemon Tree
Marjory's latest travel memoir continues her adventures in the southern Peloponnese with her partner Jim and their crazy Jack Russell dog, Wallace. After three years living in the Mani during the economic crisis, which inspired the first two books in the series, Things Can Only Get Feta and Homer’s Where The Heart Is, the couple returned briefly to the UK but are soon on the road again.


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