Friday 25 March 2022 at 7 pm in the RED LION, 130 Spital

Admission Free.  All Welcome




This colour film is described on the cover of the DVD as the first Greek-French film.  Naturally, subtitles are available in both languages. But, thanks to the efforts on our behalf of our projectionist Costas Papadopoulos, we can view this masterpiece of a film with English subtitles.

It will be the fourth film by Costas Gavras we have screened in our Greek Film Club. We have seen “Z” his film about the murder of the Greek politician Lambrakis, “AMEN” about the Vatican cover-up when they had early notice of the Nazi gassing of Jews, and “ADULTS IN THE,ROOM” about Varoufakis’s fight, as Economics Minister, for Greek interests in the Councils of Europe.

All 3 films have been highly praised by our Film Club audiences, and I am sure his 2009 film “EDEN IS WEST” will meet with the same acclaim. Indeed, there will be some who rate the less overtly political “EDEN IS WEST” as the best of the four films.


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              The director, Costas Gavras with Ricardo Scamarcio


On one level it is a dramatic and humorous set of adventures of a middle-eastern refugee Elias who makes it to the Riviera and to Paris. On this level it invites comparison with the Odyssey of Homer. How is the West seen by   an illegal immigrant who swims ashore to fall asleep among rocks on the beach of a nudist colony? But it is a deeply political film. You would need to have an asbestos shield around your heart not to side with the illegal immigrant who is brilliantly and engagingly played by the Italian Ricardo Scamarcio. This is a film calculated to make inroads into the uncaring attitude of so many Westerners to illegal immigration.


A trailer of the film can be watched on the following link www.youtube.com/watch?v=adlunG3nxds


Costas Gavras was a left-winger who escaped from the right-wing Junta in Greece and settled in France where his talents as a film-maker blossomed. The Greek Film Club is pleased to have brought him more fans in Scotland.



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