First Half Session 2019-20

“The Kiss of Life/Zoi’s Kiss” Friday 18 October 2019

Taylor Building Block C, Room C24, University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen at 7pm

Anyone interested is warmly invited to attend any of these screenings which are jointly organised by the Greek and Cypriot Society and the Aberdeen Scottish Hellenic Society.  Admission is free.

Details of the films to be shown in the Second Half –Session (25 January 2019, 8 and 22 February, 8 and 22 March) will be announced in the New Year

It is the turn of comedy again! This is a light-hearted, zany Greek comedy with the title «Το Φιλί της Ζωής». This has two meanings in Greek. It could mean the kiss of a girl called Zoi or it could mean the Kiss of Life. In the film, as you will see, the kiss of Zoi IS the kiss of life which saves our 30 year-old, somewhat gormless hero, Paschalis, from a fate worse than death – marriage to Anthoula!

The language of this 2008 film is Greek but it has English subtitles to ensure you miss none of the fun.

Have you ever got on the wrong bus? Our hero has to go to Milos for his wedding with Anthoula. But he gets on the wrong ferry and ends up in Siphnos! So starts his adventures.

The Director of the film is Nikos Zapatinas. It stars Katerina Papoutsakis, Laertes Malkotsis, Zeta Douka, and Themos Anastasiadis.

It is a film which pre-dates the Greek economic crisis, and so has all the carefree fun you might expect.

You can watch the trailer of the film on the following link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK6pSk4DrYY

Admission to the films is free, so do not hesitate to bring any friends who are interested in Greek films.

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